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Steorn is an Irish company, who have developed technology based on permanent magnets, to generate energy. Since outsiders who investigated this technology, didn't dare go public with their findings, Steorn decided to challenge the scientific community in a huge ad in the Economist of August 2006 to test their technology. Here's a video about the challenge. Steorn Economist ad
Out of 5000 plus respondents they selected 22 scientists who are now investigating. Here's Steorn's Sean McCarthy talking about reactions, business, accessibility and a now failed demo of a free energy device that was to take place in the Kinetica Museum, London, July 2007. (The charming haircut is due to a charity pledge, no doubt he was relieved to see all of it grow back, after he had his head shaved bald.)
You can see Sean's attempt at explaining why the demonstration failed here.

One of the Forum members, DrMike, was invited by Steorn to come inspect a device and he has this to say about his visit.

Steorn's website

Here's a 2006 interview about the chance discovery and its consequences, where Sean stresses, that no commercializing will take place, until the scientist panel's results are in. July 17th, after the failed demo, this interview was published on Engadget. Definitely the words of someone who is convinced.
A 2006 Sky News report..
Here's a 50 minute in-depth interview (200608) with Sean by New Energy Times' Steven Krivit, talking about power, scalability, validation and much more. Very interesting. Listen to a BBC radio interview including a skeptical response. The establishment isn't shaken. Nor stirred. Yet.
A well written blog by one of the Steorn Private Developers Club members. Another well written blog.

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