Magnet Energy

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Steorn is an Irish company, who have developed technology based on permanent magnets, to generate energy. Steorn decided to challenge the scientific community in a huge ad in the Economist of August 2006 to test their technology. More about Steorn
A Steorn forum member, alsetalokin, built a motor (WhipMag/OCAL PMM) inspired by another member, overconfident. It runs and accelerates !
Then there's P.H.Sprain's device, that uses power to drive an electromagnet in order to get the dial past the point where it would otherwise get stuck.
The device is said to produce more power than is going in, however : Overunity.
The Spring 1980 issue of Science and Mechanics had an article about Howard Johnson, one of the first to mention magnets to be used as an energy source.
Johnson acquired a range of patents, but didn't get any public attention.
The magazine ceased to exist not long thereafter.

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